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Automated Cocktail Machine

Founder and CEO of BarMade. Started company in 2014 after winning both the Venture Accelerator at CSU and IEEE Open Design Competition. Completed all aspects of project management and hardware engineering including PCB design, CAD design, prototyping and testing as well as marketing, event coordination and pitch events.

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Automated Home Grow System

Hardware engineer for a startup, Corsica Innovations. This has involved taking care of all hardware and circuit design for the product, Leaf. Working at a startup has allowed me to widen and hone my expertise to include many other engineering tasks such as 3D modeling using Creo Parametric, Web Design, database and sensor data collection and also writing Python scripts.

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Bluetooth automotive module for wireless wheel alignment

A bluetooth automotive alignment module using embedded systems that allows "do-it yourselfers" to align their vehicles wheels/tires at home, without the need of an alignment rack. All hardware and firmware was created. *White paper upon request*

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Wireless pH/TDS Sensor Prototype

Developed, built and tested a WiFi enabled pH and electrical conductivity sensor PCB that works with any pH/EC probe. This includes PCB ground isolation and layout techniques to ensure probe accuracy and minimize noise.

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Various Prototypes/Projects

Cool side projects

Collection of side projects that aren't always career related

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